Actualizing Leadership: Next Level Leadership

Philosophy, Principles, and Practices

“Growth in leadership is paradoxical. To succeed at the next level, you must simultaneously stay true to yourself while becoming someone you have never been before.”

— Kendall C. Wright

Improvement in any area of measured accountability - retention, ROI, associate development, inclusion, communication, or teamwork - will also require a corresponding improvement in your leadership skills and approach.  The next level is available, but only if you are willing to do work to deliver an “octave performance.”


The requirements of your next level will build upon the foundation of your current competencies. You will need to stretch, grow, and recalibrate. Never become complacent.  Yesterday’s standard for excellence is today’s mediocrity and will be considered unacceptable and ineffectual tomorrow. 


This workshop helps leaders to focus on moving and thriving at a new level. 


In This Presentation You Will:

  • Explore The Interplay Between Leadership Competence And Business Results
  • Analyze The 7 Cognitive Variances Of The Boss vs. Leader Archetype
  • Review And Apply The Components Of Effective Strategic Thinking
  • Master The Prerequisites Of An Effective Accountability Conversation
  • Examine The Powerful Practices That Make Actualizing Leaders A.A.L.I.Q.E.
  • And Much More