Actualizing Leadership: Leading Against The Odds

Coming To Terms With What Is Vs. What Should Be

“If you haven't prepared yourself for the demands and rigors of the next level of leadership, how and why should you expect to be entrusted with that kind of responsibility?”

— Kendall C. Wright

There are 3 essential, non-negotiable variables required to be most effective in your role as leader. Unfortunately, these variables are not garnered equally by all leaders. In fact, the odds are stacked against some leaders from the start. Don't lament. There is hope and a strategic approach for making the odds more favorable.


A common space is no guarantee of a common experience in the workplace. In light of this fact, you may find yourself asking, "What do I need to do more of or less of in order to be successful?" This workshop identifies the challenges, examines the dynamics, and equips the learners to be most effective and successful in leading others.


In This Presentation You Will:

  • Introduce The Leadership Axiom
  • Prepare To Successfully Pass The P.A.R. Test
  • Identify The Four Leadership Styles And How To Use Each
  • Learn The 5 Forms Of Power And When To Use Each Type
  • Enhance Cross-Cultural Relationship Skills
  • How To Effectively Navigate The Corporate Culture
  • And Much More