With what types of organizations have you worked?

Our Partial Client List provides a sample of the diversity of our experience working with an impressive variety of organizations, corporations, associations, community groups, and churches.

Our impacting materials, coupled with skillful and masterful delivery, have found near-universal appeal and application.

How long are your presentations/programs?

The presentations and programs vary based on client needs and preferences. Presentations and Programs can be modified to accommodate time slots ranging from 20 minutes to a full day.

What type of follow-up services can you provide?

In order to effect change and the accomplishment of individual/corporate goals, the learning must be reinforced and revisited - often. Our Strategic Reinforcement System (SRS) is designed to meet this challenge.

The Strategic Reinforcement System is comprised of any combination of strategically timed Info-letters, audio programs, in-person or virtual courses, and coaching. Each component is highly effective in supporting the actualization of your important goals.

What has been others' experience working with you?

Kendall has earned a reputation for meeting and exceeding client expectations. To view samples of client raves, click here.

How do we check your availability?

Give us a call at 513.368.5323 or click the link to contact us.

Do you provide promotional materials?

You will find support collateral to assist you in promoting your event. Moreover, we provide a listing of strategic steps to ensure you have an actualizing event.

Additionally, in our media kit, you will find photos, a promotional bio, and a professional speaker’s 1-Sheet to help create the proper buzz for your meeting, conference, or workshop. If you have questions or require additional information, just contact us.

Will you provide an easy-to-use introduction for the event?

For a copy of Kendall’s audience-focused and engaging scripted introduction, click here.

What are your audio/visual and room configuration requirements?

The setup for the workshops and speaking engagements varies slightly. We have provided a detailed schematic and listing of what has proven to most effective in connecting with your audience.

Click to see the list of equipment and room diagram.

Can we video or audio tape your presentation?

An additional fee is charged for recording privileges. In the event of recording, Mr. Wright will receive a copy of the master tape. The video recording fee will be 60% of the presentation fee. The audio recording fee will be 50% of the presentation fee.

How are expenses handled?

Airfare and basic travel/meal expenses are in addition to the quoted event fee.

Full itemization and related receipts will be provided in accordance with your policies and procedures. We make every effort to minimize expenses.

Does Kendall pay referral fees?

Absolutely! We love when our satisfied learners are willing to become advocates for “The Actualizer.” A 5% referral fee (commission) is paid upon the completion of a full-fee speaking engagement.

In the event you are unable to accept a commission, Kendall will make a donation in your name to your favorite charity.

What are your fees?

Each client has special and unique needs. The investment is reflective of the size and scope of your project. Call for details.

A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking date.

In order to maximize and leverage the ROI, many associations and community groups will co-invest by scheduling multiple engagements in the same city or general vicinity. This is a prudent strategy to help stretch limited budgets.

Please contact our office for more information.

How do we move forward?

Call 513.368.323 or e-mail Kendall@EntelechyCan.com and let’s explore your specific needs and desired outcomes.

To finalize our agreement, three things are required:

First: A completed PreEvent Questionnaire

Second: A signed Program Agreement

Third: A 50% deposit of the agreed investment